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About us

Grateful for a second chance at love, John and Miriam are adventurous souls who appreciate sharing experiences with each other and with their viewers, whole-hearted living, spending time with family and friends, and savoring the great outdoors.  As empty nesters, John and Miriam are in the “downsizing” era of life and have adopted a minimalist philosophy with aspirations of RV living full-time (at least for a time) in the near future.  They are folks who enjoy savoring coffee and conversation, finding pristine spots off the beaten path in their Can-Am Spyder and dining in hole-in-the-wall establishments where everyone knows your name.  They share their home with a small parrot (sun conure), Dymetri, who loves to shower with them. 

John is a native of Virginia Beach and Miriam grew up as an Army brat, changing location seven times during her formative years, but residing in Virginia Beach since 1989.  Virginia has always felt like home because of her extended family who resided in the Martinsville area.  John is retired from his careers in real estate and as a first responder.  As a certified flight instructor, he also ran a pilot training business for a time.  Miriam is still actively employed by the City of Virginia Beach.   On weekends, you might run into them at the Old Beach Farmer’s Market on 19th Street, at New Realm Brewery on General Booth Boulevard or one of the Red Mill Commons restaurants, most likely Firebrew or Rigoletto’s.  Every chance they get, they like to spend time with son Mark in Philadelphia and daughter Katie in Staunton.


Would you believe that John and Miriam met through in 2007 and married in 2009?  Check out the “John and Miriam, Their Story” video on You Tube for the details of their courtship story.

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